May 17 at 3pm
May 20 at 7:30pm
May 23 at 7:30pm
Boston University Theatre

Tickets: $20–$100

Run time: 2 hours 15 minutes, including 20 min intermission

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Sir John in Love is a rare delight: a sly, witty, colorful, and articulate depiction of the Bard in English opera. Vaughan Williams’s version of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor follows the exploits of the immortal Sir John Falstaff—lover, con man, charmer, tawdry knight—whose imagination and egocentricity skewer the best and worst in human nature. Add a pair of innocent young lovers, a handful of hapless suitors, plots, counterplots, and some good-natured revenge for a tale of hijinks in the grand tradition of Shakespearean comedy, set against a score rich with Elizabethan lyrics and melodies, including “Sigh no more, ladies,” and the beloved Fantasia on Greensleeves.


Oren Gradus … Sir John Falstaff
Michael Chioldi … Ford, a citizen of Windsor
Samuel Levine … Fenton, a young gentleman of the Court at Windsor
Megan Pachecano … Anne Page, Page’s daughter
Courtney Miller … Mrs. Ford
Mara Bonde … Mrs. Page
Cindy Sadler … Mrs. Quickly, housekeeper to Dr. Caius
George Cordes … Page, a citizen of Windsor
Matthew DiBattista … Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson
James Demler … Pistol, a sharper attending on Falstaff
Jonathan Cole … Nym, a sharper attending on Falstaff
Stanley Wilson … Bardolph, a sharper attending on Falstaff
Jesse Darden … Slender, a foolish young gentleman
Sumner Thompson … Dr. Caius, a French physician
Robert Honeysucker … Host of the Garter Inn
Ethan Bremner … Shallow, a country justice
Jacob Scharfman … Rugby, Dr. Caius’s servant
Andy Papas … Peter Simple, Slender’s servant
Ted Palés … John, Ford’s servant
Barratt Park … Robert, Ford’s servant
Erin Merceruio Nelson … Jenny Pluckpears, Nym’s sweetheart
Sophie Michaux … Alice Shortcake, Bardolph’s sweetheart
Coleman Rose … Robin, Falstaff’s page

Odyssey Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Gil Rose, Conductor

Joshua Major, Stage Director
Melinda Sullivan, Choreographer
Stephen Dobay, Scenic Designer
Katherine Stebbins, Costume Designer
Costumes supplied by Malabar Limited, Toronto
Rachel Padula Shufelt, Hair and Make-up Designer
Dennis Parichy, Lighting Designer

“if Odyssey’s sweet-tempered production is typical of what the festival has in store, the Brits should take up residence”

Odyssey Opera’s lovable ‘Sir John in Love’
The Boston Globe

“a palpable hit”

The British Have Come: Sir John in Love
The Boston Musical Intelligencer

“Gil Rose led a sensitive performance that enabled the lines of Vaughan Williams’ score to flower.”

Odyssey Opera opens British festival with delightful Vaughan Williams rarity
Boston Classical Review