Dominick Argento: Three Works

Odyssey Opera Orchestra
Gil Rose, conductor

Heather Buck … The Widow/Miss Havisham
Aaron Engebreth … The Lecturer
Frank Kelley .. The Servant
James Maddalena … The Boor

Odyssey Opera’s second CD release contains three one-act operas by composer Dominick Argento. The Boor retells Anton Chekhov’s play of the same name (sometimes translated as The Bear). Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night explores the titular Charles Dickens character’s madness over being jilted. Argento returns to Chekhov in A Water Bird Talk, following a harried husband’s lecture on birds.

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Pietro Mascagni: ZANETTO

Odyssey Opera Orchestra
Gil Rose, Conductor

Eleni Calenos … Silvia
Eve Gigliotti … Zanetto

The lonely courtesan Silvia suddenly finds herself falling in love with the young poet and wandering minstrel, Zanetto, who believes her to be a noblewoman. Afraid he will discover her identity, Silvia orders Zanetto away and, alone, blesses lost love for unleashing feelings she believed were gone.

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